ABOUT Hsing Hong

In 1992, Hsing Hong first time encountered CraftStone™ from US, the experience of creating a style of living space with culture stones resulting the importing culture stones into Taiwan. The low humidity condition of US is a perfect condition of producing culture stones unlike the high humidity condition in Taiwan which later with support and assistance of established research center in Taiwan in 1993, a suitable material is found to manufacture culture stones in Taiwan and Hsing Hong became the first manufacturer of culture stone in Taiwan.

Our Mission

Unlike natural stone which gives a heavy feel, we created a more environmental friendly product and lighter artificial stones which still have the natural rugged profile and the attractive various natural colours and the natural qualities of stones. The simple, elegant design of the stones allows easy implementation into any interior and exterior designs and creating a dull and boring spaces into a distinctive, great natural environment, improving and adding value of the designs of human habitat.

Service and Commitment

The factory is located in Taiwan which allows us for better quality control and also customize stones to fulfill more customers requirements. We have been servicing nearly 20 years in the culture stone market and our products have been tested in Belgium Architectural Research Center, and has been recognized and accepted in the international market in countries like Japan, Finland, Australia, Saudi Arabia and more totaling 16 countries in the world.